One City Health LMS 101

The One City Health LMS 101 Video for Employees will provide an overview of the core features and functions of the One City Health LMS site. The OCH LMS platform is custom-designed to support healthcare delivery transformation.

Through participating in this online training, you will be provided with a detailed walk-through of the OCH LMS for your easy and continued use. You can expect other online trainings to follow a similar format.

This video is a go-to training resource for you and will explain how to register for in-person and online trainings, how to manage trainings, where to access transcripts and certificates, and ways to manage your OCH LMS account.

After the completion of this video, you will have completed your first OCH LMS training!


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Learning Objectives:

  • Navigating the OCH LMS
  • Searching for and finding specific trainings
  • Registering for in-person and online trainings
  • Completing an online training
  • Managing trainings, certificates, and transcripts
  • Viewing and managing announcements
  • Getting Help & Support

Course Details

Training Initiative: Other Resources, Professional Development

Title: One City Health LMS 101

Training Mode: Online

Contact Hours: 20m

Type: None